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Food Voices: The Interviews

Please visit the interviews that create Food Voices. The farmers and fishermen shown on these pages present unique, yet intertwined stories about why they are part of the food sovereignty movement, what their obstacles are and how they overcome those obstacles. Their stories and images strengthen and deepen the understanding of food sovereignty.

Interviews in the United States

Russell Libby, Farmer, Mt. Vernon, Maine

Padi Anderson, Fisherman, Rye Harbor, New Hampshire

Karl Lessard, Fisherman, Marathon, Florida

John Kinsman, Farmer, Lime Ridge, Wisconsin

Joel Greeno, Farmer, Kendall, Wisconsin

Jerry Peele, Farmer, Ancramdale, NewYork

Jay Driscoll, Fisherman, Rye Harbor, New Hampshire

Heather and Phil Retberg, Farmers, Penobscot, Maine

Aaron Longton, Fisherman, Port Orford, Oregon

William Gardener, Farmer, Detroit, Michigan

Carlos Marentes, Farmer, El Paso, Texas

Tele Aadsen, Fisherman, Sitka, Alaska

Dena Hoff, Farmer, Glendive, Montana

Interviews in Ecuador

Targelia Nicolta Branda, Shell Collector
Palme Real, Esmeraldes

Máximo Cangá Castillo, Farmer and Fisherman
San Lorenzo, Esmeraldes

Marcelino Estucio Tenorio, Farmer and Fisherman
El Viento, Esmeraldes 

Interviews in Brazil

Ana Maria Felix Pinto, Farmer, Ceara

Francisco Mendes Coelho, Farmer, Canadê, Ceara

Maria José dos Santos, Farmer, Caetanos de Cima, Ceara

Interviews in Venezuela

Felix Lopez, Farmer, Urachichi, Yaracuy

Julio Cesar Moreno, Fisherman, Chauo, Aragua

Sara Medina, Farmer, Caracus

Interviews in Haiti

Daniel Tillias, Urban Farmer
Site Soley (Cite Soleil) of Port au Prince

Chavannes Jean Baptiste, Farmer, Papaye

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