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Food Voices: Stories from the People Who Feed Us Released on World Food Day


October 16th, 2014 - Las Cruces, NM Today marks the 33rd World Food Day of the United Nations and the first release of a new book, Food Voices: Stories From the People Who Feed Us. The theme for this year’s World Food Day is the significance of family farmers, just as Food Voices focuses on the people who feed us. The author traveled through five countries collecting testimonies from small-scale farmers and fishermen, asking the questions What Are You Fighting For? and What Are You Fighting Against?, in order to bring their voices to the table of food policy debates.


After documenting over 70 interviews, Andrianna Natsoulas presents the struggles and solutions of small-scale food producers within the framework of food sovereignty, which was coined by the international peasant movement, La Via Campesina, in 1996. It asserts the right of people to define their own food systems. Food sovereignty purports that those who produce, distribute and consume food must be at the center of decisions on food systems and policies, rather than the corporations and market institutions that have come to dominate global food trade.


“It is essential that those who are in the trenches are heard,” says author, Andrianna Natsoulas. “They are the closest to the earth and hold the responsibility in their hands to provide healthy, wholesome, culturally relevant food to their communities now and into the future. They are the roots of the food sovereignty movement”


Ms. Natsoulas is committed to the concept of food sovereignty, as well as to the people at the frontlines of the movement. Through Food Voices, she introduces the concept of food sovereignty and highlights farmers and fishermen pursuing it. The voices have already been featured on blogs, in news articles and on the radio, and now they are part of a comprehensive book to strengthen and enhance the global movement towards food sovereignty. The UN acknowledges that the international community must recognize the importance of family farmers in gaining world food security and Food Voices helps advance that task.


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